Mobilising Norwegian participation in Horizon 2020 IMI activities

We are MobilNOR

MobilNOR is a project funded by the Research Council of Norway with the aim to increase Norwegian awareness and participation in IHI (Innovative Health Initiative) by showing the successful results of Norwegian partners in an IMI (the old term of IHI) project, hence NTNU and the IMI2 project “Connecting digital mobility assessment to clinical outcomes for regulatory and clinical endorsement – Mobilise-D”. Through the participation of NTNU in key roles in Mobilise-D, the opportunity exists to demonstrate future possibilities for better healthcare practice in Norway and in Europe. 

The Mobilise-D project aims to revolutionise assessment for mobility loss using digital technology to enhance clinical trials and improve clinical trials and treatment to allow for better follow-up of patients. Mobilise-D started in April 2019 with the end date June 2025 and has had a great success in the development of the protocols, standards and technology for the digital mobility assessment in patients with MS, PD, COPD and hip fractures. The project achievements in publications and deliverables can be found here, and the videos that are covering the technical validation study, PPIE, Clinical validation study, the Summer School training and many more can be found on the YouTube channel.  

Mobilise-D Webpage

Gather Norwegian stakeholders

Healthcare professionals, researchers and academics working in the fields of medicine, health and/or movement science, and physiotherapy, patient organisations, SMEs and spinoffs developing health technologies, and policy makers. 


Create opportunities for international collaboration for Norwegian stakeholders. 


Develop joint research for new technologies.

Organize events

Seminars, webinars, workshops, conference.

Patient assessment

Stimulate the development of new ways of patient assessment and follow-up in Norway.


Sharing Mobilise-D work with Norwegian stakeholders.

We want to reach Norwegian stakeholders

The information that we share through our events, publications and website will give you first-hand knowledge about how to implement digital mobility assessment in the clinic, as well as increased awareness of IHI as one of the world’s largest funding schemes for medical research. 


How to achieve our goals?

We will create a playground where Norwegian stakeholders and Mobilise-D partners can meet to raise awareness about IMI and results from the Mobilise-D project, thereby promoting international engagement of Norwegian partners working in research and the healthcare sector. We will:

Organize events

Invite Norwegian stakeholders to Mobilise-D international events (to engage with the project partners and other international stakeholders.

Showcase workshops

Norwegian stakeholders will be invited to see and test the technology developed by Mobilise-D partners and find ways for further collaboration. 


Meetings with Norwegian health authorities to show the Mobilise-D results and find ways to integrate best practice in the clinic and healthcare system in Norway.


NTNU-MobilNOR & Mobilise-D proudly present: Exploring Health Tech Innovations from European funding in Norway and beyond

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The MobilNOR initiative launched 

Do you want to be at the forefront of research and development of digital health technologies? Do you want to partner and network with the world’s leading researchers and professionals in signal processing, computational science, mathematics, statistics, big data analysis, wearable sensors, gait analysis, human movement science, biomechanics, epidemiology, regulatory affairs, ethics, patient involvement, human…

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